Yesterday we had our first TaeKwon-Do seminar in charge of Master Franceschi. We want to thank the schools and practicioners that trained with us that day. We did have few black belts practictioners of the ITF TaeKwon-Do and our own students.

We started practicing the SineWave on our forms. We will write more about what is the SineWave on our net blog. If you want to know about why we do forms and what are their purpose you can go here.

So after a few drills and excersices in sinewave, blocks and stances we moved on to technical sparring, where you learn how to control your legs while kicking. You learn how to control the balance of your body while you combine few kicks with one leg and of course using your hands and kicks at the same time is a nice work out.

We had so much fun that time flew by. After we ate we only had time to discuss about Self Defense and how TaeKwon-Do help you not only to defend yourself on a situation, but what are the legal issues as a practitioner but the most important try to avoid any situation where you will have to engage someone.

We want to thank Master Franceschi for coming and taking care of this first seminar but very important to the people that participated and supported the event. Thank you all for coming and we hope the next clinic is in one of our TaeKwon-Do friend schools until we plan the next event.

1st TaeKwon-DO Seminar

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