TaeKwon-Do is a recognized name that is practiced all around the world. There are different styles, organizations and federations, each instructor and each school teach their own way or version. But why we decided to open another TaeKwon-Do school in Central Florida if there are so many?

Everyone knows the word TaeKwon-Do but not everyone knows the word ITF. When we started to market our school we found a few interesting details and feedback from the people in town and neighbors.

  • TaeKwon-Do Sucks
  • TaeKwon-Do is a Joke
  • TaeKwon-Do is a belt factory with kids 5 and 6 year old black belts
  • All TaeKwon-Do do is kicks and nothing else
  • TaeKwon-Do is all about money and contracts
  • and more…

We got scared and surprised of what we heard and at that point we didn’t know what to do. So we started reaching to local friends with kids and family to see if we gain interest and we did, we started with 2 students for a while. A lot of people called the school and show up to our doors but asking for a different type of martial arts that we offered, not TaeKwon-Do. Few months showing up to class where no one will come and no new students, we market, promoted, talked about it and nothing, but had 2 students and is our responsibility to continue. Few people told us “no one cares about TaeKwon-Do”, “you should close the school”, “you should teach something else” but we hold on to that dream to bring ITF back to Central Florida and Our Mission Began.

Korean Martial Art


Although there are already a lot of TaeKwon-Do Schools in the area, ours is completely different and we consider ourselves to be the best Dojang to practice ITF TaeKwon-Do. First, we follow the same vision than our late General Choi Hon Hi, we build the school to promote, teach and expand TaeKwon-Do and not for profit. Second, our belt system is a combination of traditional and modern helping the student achieve their best and for them to feel accomplished. Third and something that we stand out of any other TaeKwon-Do School is that we teach Discipline, Respect, Self-Control and skills that will help the student become a better person.

International TaeKwon-Do Federation


ITF TaeKwon-Do is not to be confused with Olympic TaeKwon-Do (WTF or ATA). Not only you will learn how to kick and punch, you will also learn how to use strong part of your body as a weapon for self-defense. Although ITF practitioners also participate in tournaments, the program is a more complete system by adding real board breaking, strong patterns, powerful kicks and striking techniques that require years to develop.



We are affiliated to the NTA-ITF which mean that when you earn your Black Belt you will receive an official, recognized and approved Black Belt Certificate signed by the president of the Federation. This is very important for us because we want our students to be able to continue training TaeKwon-Do even after they leave our school and be recognized anywhere in the world. Been part of an association not only allow us to stay up to date with the changes of the martial art but also evolve with it and be able to travel, compete and meet other practitioners around the world.

You can find more information about the association here NTA-ITF Website