Our Mission is to first teach our students how to become better citizens and human beings by improving their Discipline, Respect, Self Control, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Courtesy.

Our Mission is to the parents, that even though we will be tough with their child we are teaching them to be strong, to understand that life is way harder than it looks but there is always the right way to do things and become successful in life. We become their mentor and their friend but also help them in life to enjoy and to do what they love the most.

Our Mission is committed to bring back the ITF TaeKwon-Do, to educate people that there is a TaeKwon-Do that covers more than just kicking, a style that was created as a Self Defense and the founder didn’t want to turn it into an Olympic sport of fear that the quality will suffer.

Our Mission is to bring back what others had take advantage off and turned it into a money business and worst into a recognized word on the internet called “McDojo”. We are here to represent the real TaeKwon-Do Martial Arts, to show the people that a school can be build with integrity and principals.

Our Mission is to teach the students all aspects of the TaeKwon-Do: Punch, Kick, Patterns, Self-Defense, Ground Defense, Throw Techniques, Sparring (Tournaments) and all without weapons.

Our Mission is to our students, to teach them a martial art that is fun to learn because not only requires from them physical endurance and muscle but knowledge and history. A martial art that you can’t learn in 1 or 2 years, that you cannot get a Black Belt at such a young age because a Black Belt should be able to lead, to teach, to represent respect, to have patience and show qualities that only years of training can give. We teach our students how to respect others but also how to respect what they practice, how to become a champion of freedom and justice and build a more peaceful world around them.

Our Mission is to Accomplish all these Together!