If there are other TaeKwonDo schools why choose us?

  • Our classes emphasize in Discipline and Respect to others.
  • We follow the modern and up to date ITF TaeKwon-Do program.
  • We teach TaeKwon-Do every day.
  • We only teach one martial arts ITF TaeKwon-Do, this allow us to keep a quality on what we teach.
  • We are a Certified International TaeKwon-Do Federation Dojang.
  • We compete not only on local tournaments but outside the state as well.
  • Our Black Belt students receive an International TaeKwon-Do Federation Certificate that is recognized around the world.
  • Our Black Belts age requirement is over 12 years old.
  • We introduce full Korean Vocabulary in our classes.
  • Our students are tested when we believe they are ready and not on a monthly schedule.

Other TaeKwon-Do Schools will make you believe that they are teaching you ITF TaeKwon-Do but when you come to our Dojang you will see something that you won't see on other schools:

  • Protocols
  • Discipline
  • Same Dobok (Uniform)
  • Competitors
  • Sine Wave Technique
  • Associated School
  • and more...

Do your research before you sign your child on any other TaeKwon-Do school, not all are the same.