What TaeKwon-Do can offer kids?

Do Martial-Arts TaeKwon-Do School wants to answer a question sometimes parents have when looking for a martial arts school:

What martial arts can offer kids?


Lots of people practice martial arts as a way to build physical and mental strength. Parents believe that the benefits are more than physical. They say that martial arts help improve kid’s self-control and other functioning skills.


Well, there are more benefits that TaeKwon-Do can help your kids with!!


  • Many kids with learning and attention issues struggle with the pressure of having to compete with other kids. So traditional sports may not appeal to them. But in TaeKwon-Do, the focus is on self-improvement. There’s no “letting down the team.”
  • Some kids feel that they never “win” anything. In TaeKwon-Do kids work at their own pace with no pressure and they are awarded with a new belt when they reach a new skill level. This boost self-esteem and keep them motivated.
  • Practicing TaeKwon-Do kids learn different steps, forms and techniques. This gives kids a good working memory workout.
  • TaeKwon-Do emphasize on self-control and concentration. This helps develop attention on kids to stay focus.
  • This sport help kids with coordination and emphasize also on kid’s behavior in and out class.
  • Kids learn to respect their instructor and other kids, encouraging them to support each other as a team.

It is important for the parents to know that it does not matter if your child has not developed all the necessary skills, or has problems concentrating or has attention issues, ITF TaeKwon-Do will help your child develop all these skills and more, they will have a higher self-esteem and experience success!

Make sure you choose a school that focuses on your child character development, provides a pre-evaluation and has experience teaching kids, know how to push them to do better and it is supportive and understand your child challenges.

Come and visit Do-Martial Arts the best ITF Certified TaeKwon-Do school in the Orlando Area…..we offer all this and more…..

2018 Expertise Best Martial Arts in Orlando

Best Martial Arts
Teachers in

Once again we were selected one of the Best Martial Arts School in Orlando. Congratulations to our students, the parents and all the followers that believe in us to teach the TaeKwon-Do that your family deserve. Thanks again for making us part of Orlando.


Goodbye 2017

It has been a great year for Do-Martial Arts! We had the opportunity to participate in different events and tournaments. We were able to welcomed new students and continue being the best ITF Certified Taekwondo School in the Orlando area. We want to share some pictures of our year end Party and Recognition to our students that did a great job and had the best performance throughout the year. We are looking forward to 2018!!!

2nd Annual Orlando Korea Festival


Thank you to the Orlando Korea Culture Center for inviting us to their 2nd Orlando Korean Festival Event. We had fun and we loved the reception we had from all the people present. We hope we have the opportunity again next year to continue contributing to the Korean Culture with this awesome martial arts that is ITF TaeKwon-Do. Thank you to all the parents and students for supporting this event and for helping us at the booth. Gamsahamnida!

Here is the whole video of our presentation and introduction to the public of what is ITF TaeKwon-Do. Thanks to Karianne for the video.












2017 Viera TaeKwon-Do Tournament

Do-Martial Arts TaeKwon-Do students participated at the Viera Tournament today October 21, 2017. Congratulations to Anthony and Andrew for always represent the Dojang with pride and sacrifice, we also want to congratulate Nikita and Kayla because this is their first TaekWon-Do tournament here in the US. While Nikita is a veteran on these types of events he came from a different country and it was his first experience here in the US and for Kayla it was her first tournament on her starting ITF carrier, both did great and we are proud of all out students.

We also want to thank Dandeneau for taking some time to recognize and mention our friend Gato from Puerto Rico and his Dojang that was completely destroyed after Hurricane Maria.

It was a great event and great experience and like always you learn something new and build memories. Until the next one.

2017 Caribbean TKD Tournament

On Sunday July 16, our students compete at the 2017 Caribbean TKD Tournament in Puerto Rico. It was a great experience for all the students and for some it was quite a challenge.

Started the competition with Patterns where the students competed with other higher rank belts. They won performing their patterns 1st and 3rd place.

Then there was a high kick demonstration by some of the black belts and color belts. Students kicking as high as 9ft high, very impressive and entertaining. Later the sparring start.

Our students didn’t have competitors on their same belt category and they end up competing with higher ranks forcing them to give the best they can and they did obtaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Now back to the drawing board and continue their training.

Go to our YouTube Channel to watch the Videos

Great Job Guys!


TaeKwon-Do and the Olympics

OK I’m also being called or texted letting me know that the style that I practice TaeKwon-Do is in the Olympics. I don’t blame the people for not knowing there is more than one TaeKwon-Do and of course since the WTF entity is in the Olympics is more recognized than the one I practice and teach at my school. I was going to write a blog about the differences but it was too much to explain, so I will let the videos talk by themselves.

The WTF fighting has become very boring and like some say more like a Fencing Sparring. The competitors as you can see in the video below are concentrated more into making the point and not letting the other competitor make a point, this is why is more time they stay separated than sparring and because they wear those electronic vest and helmets that register points, they know sometimes is not very reliable. Because legs are longer and easy to make points the use of hands is very minimal, also is not allowed to punch the face, that’s why when they get close to each other you see the hugging and referee have to separate them.

This is WTF TaeKwon-Do (this is the one you see in the Olympics)

Compared that now with ITF fighting style, while they also need to be worried about how many points the opponent make, their concentration is more of how many points they can make against the opponent. Letting the judges decide how many points each competitor accumulated, making it look more like a kick boxing style. Here when they get close they are allowed to punch the face, this is a constant attack mode unless the referee stop the fight or they walk out of the ring.

This is ITF TaeKwon-Do (the one I practice and teach)

Why ITF Taekwon-Do is not in the Olympics?

Now you may ask yourself “then why the ITF is not in the Olympics” the faster answer is “politics and disagreements” General Choi who founded the ITF style with others, didn’t want to compromise the quality of the martial art they created as a self defense system and not as a sport. Of course he wanted the TKD to be recognized around the world and to be in the Olympics would have been a great exposure but a lot of rules had to be changed in order to participate and he didn’t accept them, so the Olympic Association turn around to the World TaeKwon-Do Federation and they agreed to do the changes.

So which one is better then ITF or WTF?

This is a dangerous question based on who practice the style. The right answer is they are both good, they are just different, they both demand training, stamina, agility and flexibility but if you want me to help you with a different answer. Here it is: If you are looking to get into the Olympics and just practice Sport Taekwon-Do go with WTF, if you are looking for Self Defense but also compete World Wide (just not in TV) go with ITF.

Emmanuel Reyes

1st TaeKwon-DO Seminar

Yesterday we had our first TaeKwon-Do seminar in charge of Master Franceschi. We want to thank the schools and practicioners that trained with us that day. We did have few black belts practictioners of the ITF TaeKwon-Do and our own students.

We started practicing the SineWave on our forms. We will write more about what is the SineWave on our net blog. If you want to know about why we do forms and what are their purpose you can go here.

So after a few drills and excersices in sinewave, blocks and stances we moved on to technical sparring, where you learn how to control your legs while kicking. You learn how to control the balance of your body while you combine few kicks with one leg and of course using your hands and kicks at the same time is a nice work out.

We had so much fun that time flew by. After we ate we only had time to discuss about Self Defense and how TaeKwon-Do help you not only to defend yourself on a situation, but what are the legal issues as a practitioner but the most important try to avoid any situation where you will have to engage someone.

We want to thank Master Franceschi for coming and taking care of this first seminar but very important to the people that participated and supported the event. Thank you all for coming and we hope the next clinic is in one of our TaeKwon-Do friend schools until we plan the next event.