For those of you that missed our Grand Opening on March 7th let me tell you what an awesome day we had.

We first got together and thank everyone who support us, every single person that made the DO-Martial Arts possible, our Sensei, Parents and Students. Having a Martial Art school is not just a training location is a big responsibility, is a commitment to provide quality knowledge and training to the students that are following and trusting us, it force us to dedicate our time, give what we have for the new generation to come. This is why we are not only thankful for having a Martial Art School  but we are grateful to be with a lot of people that trust what we are doing for them.

After we cut the ribbon we had the honor of having Mr. Connolly and Mr. Leep taking care of a great ITF TaeKwon-Do demonstration. The two instructors didn’t give us a fancy demonstration like you use to see on YouTube, kicking boards hold up high or breaking 5 boards with a flying kick. This demonstration was down to earth in a real life demonstrations. We learned that not all TaeKwon-Do are the same, we learned that the Traditional TaeKwon-Do created by General Choi Hon Hi was not designed for Olympics but as a self defense discipline, a few self defense with knife and gun point were enough to show the real purpose of TaeKwon-Do. They also teach us that is not a perfect style and that we should combine more than one martial art in order to respect other disciplines and incorporate them to our knowledge. This not only will help us be better athletes and protect us in any unforeseen situation but most importantly it will help us grow as individuals.

After that we received the surprise from Mr. Leep who is also the President of I.A.M.A (Independent American Martial Arts) in making us the School #2 of his Association. We are honored to received such a privilege and belong to a new association that is willing to help other schools in Florida. We will be committed to that philosophy as well since the purpose of DO-Martial Arts is to unite schools and different martial arts styles under one family.

Then we had a small Judo clinic by our Sensei Shinjiro Sasaki and David Fukuda, instructors that not only had dedicated their lives training and practicing Judo but now passing those years of experience to our students. They told us that is not easy to be at the level they are now but is not impossible either and all you have to do is believe in yourself and commit to your training but at the same time they made us understand that we will never achieve our goals if is not from the help of the other athletes that train with you, thanks to their dedication and help we can achieve ours and we should respect and be grateful of having partners to practice with. After a few techniques and throws and the help of our other two sensei Takahiro Sasaki and sensei Rieko Sasaki we had the privilege of promoting two students to Black Belt in our Judo program. These two students train under Sasaki Judo School which is one of our partners under DO-Martial Arts so we are honored that these two students obtain their Black Belts in our School on our Grand Opening. These athletes worked as hard as the other students to reach this level, which is the beginning of another journey in their Judo career but very well deserved.

Congratulations to: Lakea Vargas and Nicole Stout for their promotions.

And why when they reached black belt is the beginning of their journey, our sensei David Fukuda couldn’t say it better “Shodan means is the beginning, which means when you get your black belt, you learned to read and write. You got that down, now you can go ahead and learn new things”.

Then the promotions kept coming, three other students were promoted to their next belt rank for their hard work and dedication to the Judo discipline. So today was full of excitement, joy, happiness, accomplishment and the start of a new goal to achieve. DO-Martial Arts is here to help you achieve your next goal and not your final goal and we hope that with the combination of the different disciplines we are teaching in our school you be, not only one of the best competitors but one of the best human beings, with enough knowledge to change some other peoples life in the future.

Congratulations to: Andrew Montañez, Kristopher Garcilazo and Nicholas Chung for their promotions.


I want to give special thanks to my two closed friends Hector Montañez and Karianne Andrini. They had supported me since day one and thanks to not only their support but their help we had reach to this point; be able to open the doors to Central Florida. Thanks to both of them and a big recognition for their hard work.

Thank you Instructors, Thank you Parents, Thank you Students and Thank you visitors for making this Grand Opening day so special for us.

Emmanuel Reyes


Mr. Leep teaches at Leep TaeKwon-Do in Melbourne, FL if you live in that area stop by his school.

Mr. Connolly teaches in Treasure Coast Martial Arts in Jensen Beach, FL