Do-Martial Arts TaeKwon-Do students participated at the Viera Tournament today October 21, 2017. Congratulations to Anthony and Andrew for always represent the Dojang with pride and sacrifice, we also want to congratulate Nikita and Kayla because this is their first TaekWon-Do tournament here in the US. While Nikita is a veteran on these types of events he came from a different country and it was his first experience here in the US and for Kayla it was her first tournament on her starting ITF carrier, both did great and we are proud of all out students.

We also want to thank Dandeneau for taking some time to recognize and mention our friend Gato from Puerto Rico and his Dojang that was completely destroyed after Hurricane Maria.

It was a great event and great experience and like always you learn something new and build memories. Until the next one.

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