Today our students participated at the 2019 CFL Invitaional TaeKwon-Do Tournament, hosted by Michelle Golino in Lake Mary, FL. Our students participated in patterns and sparring divisions,  had fun like always and had a great start. We want to thank all the students that represented the Dojang and for the support of the parents. Without the parent support sometimes the student can feel lost or dis-motivated and it is you parents the main key for their success on everything your child do and for that we thank you.

We also want to give special thanks to Terri Maher and Joel Maher for not only helping us with tall the photos and videos but for staying with us all the way until the end. Thank you for your support as well.

Congratulations to all the students and for showing your hard dedication and hard work. Every tournament will help you challenge yourself to be better than last time and to continue your training and goals.

Hope everyone arrived safe home and let’s get ready for the next one. Here are some photos

and please check our videos on our YouTube Channel