Our last day in our Dojang before we get ready again for 2019. We thank everyone that have gone trough our Dojang, had supported our school one way or another. We are sad of the students that are not longer with us but we are also thankful that we were able to touch their lives by introducing what TaeKwon-Do is about. We thanks the parents for their continue sacrifice and support not only to the school but specially to their children in training and improving their lives.

This day we recognize students that had participated in tournaments, events, attendance and more. We dance, play, have fun and eat.

Thank you my friend Cody and Jose for donating one of the equipment that will improve our students techniques, they are training punching equipment.

I want to thank my sister that every year comes down from Texas to help me with all the planning for this event.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and that any new goals that couldn’t be accomplished in 2018 they are the first ones to achieve in 2019.

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