DO-Martial Arts students were invited to participate at the Unified TaeKwon-Do Daytona Invitation at the Academy of Martial Arts in Ormond Beach. 7 Students participated and experienced a different type of tournament, lots of students their age, different styles and different techniques, creating a challenge and a joy to participate with other schools. Students participated from Patterns to Sparring and they all obtained an experience from it.

We want to thank Master Racki, for the invitation and the welcoming to his school. We also want to thank all the students that participated at the tournament to be part of this challenge for all DO-Martial Arts students.

Thank you to the parents that are always supporting their children on these types of activities, helping this generation to stay active, meet new friends, and help them go through a roller-coaster of emotions, something that is going to help them become stronger when they become adults.

Now some pictures