“When a bird build a nest, it does not need a whole tree, it only needs a branch where a small nest can be build” - General Choi Hon Hi



DO-Martial Arts is a facility located in Orlando, Florida and was established in 2015 with the need to bring the TaeKwon-Do governed by the International TaeKwon-Do Federation or ITF.

Our school is fully dedicated in the study of this traditional style, providing lessons that excel others and making sure the student obtains the right amount of training before moving up in ranks and not on a schedule basis.

Our goal is not only to teach punch and kicks but to promote the Discipline, Respect, Confidence and Courtesy to others.

As our name “DO”, meaning “the way” or “the way of”, our facility practice and promotes this philosophy. We believe in collaboration with other schools, with the goal of exchanging knowledge, expanding and contributing to a more peaceful and productive society.



Emmanuel Reyes

3rd Dan
(Sa-Beom-Nim) 사범님

Sabumnim Reyes started training in the TaeKwon-Do when he was 6 years old. He is the second generation of ITF TaeKwon-Do practitioners from the island of Puerto Rico. He trained under the Young Brothers, an organization founded by the recognized Master Benny Rivera. Under the training of Dean Rivera and later Elizabeth Gonzalez he became Pewee Champion for two consecutive years.

He trained until the age of 22 when he moved to Florida. He continue his training on his personal time since he couldn't find any Certified ITF School here in Orlando and after a few years of searching and not be able to find a  TaeKwon-Do School he decided to open DO-Martial Arts. Now he is committed to teach in Central Florida and bring back the ITF TaeKwon-Do.

Nikita Shuklin

1st Dan
(Bu-Sa-Beom-Nim) 사범님

Mr. Shuklin is a student that traveled from Russia, looking for a different life but without leaving his passion for TaeKwon-Do. He is been training since he was 8 years old and he joined our Dojang when he was 13, already a 1st Geup (Black Stripe). He continued improving his techniques, his knowledge and his skills until he achieved one of his goals to become a black belt. We are so proud to have him and to help him achieve one of many goals.

Now Mr. Shuklin is helping our younger students to improve their techniques, sharing his knowledge and always motivating our students to continue training and to never give up.

If you want to know more about Mr. Shuklin click here.




  • We care about quality and not quantity.
  • Our classes are small so we can dedicate the right time to our students.
  • Our classes emphasize in Discipline and Respect to others.
  • We teach TaeKwon-Do every day and don’t mix it with other martial arts.
  • We are an Authorized and Certified School to teach ITF TaeKwon-Do
  • We compete not only on local tournaments but outside the state as well.
  • Our Black Belt students receive an ITF Certificate recognized around the world.
  • Our Black Belts age requirement is over 13 years old.
  • Our students are tested when we believe they are ready and not on a monthly schedule.

Other TaeKwon-Do schools will make you believe that they are teaching TaeKwon-Do but when you come to our Dojang you will see the difference:

  • Protocols
  • Discipline
  • Same Dobok (Uniform)
  • Tournaments
  • Associated School
  • Family Oriented
  • and more…

Do your research before you sign your child on any other school.



The difference between a Dojang and a Gym is the same between an Instructor and a Trainer. The mission to build individuals with integrity more than athletes and obtain values more than medals.

Our objective is to promote in the students the Respect, the Values, the Honesty, the Strength, the Discipline and the Responsibility. We believe that the student should obtain a vision of the real life through the TaeKwon-Do practice.

Know that the goals can be reached fighting, that life is not always fair and is not always easy. That sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and the losses are learning experiences, that we should always keep our dignity, the humbleness and the respect to ourselves and others.

In the TaeKwon-Do the importance is the DO, the way, the constant learning, the process of better ourselves all the time, if we concentrate in the DO, the objectives are met, and the goals are reached.

“Same thing happens in life.”